Ecuador has a lot of fruits or vegetables that we can talk about, but at this time, we talk about cacao. With this fruit we can make delicious chocolate and other kind of products. One of the benefits of cacao can relieve the fatigue and it’s good for your skin and hair. The people in Ecuador want to take advantage of cacao and make different kinds of chocolate. In this blog, you can know about some brands that make fine chocolate.


It’s one of the most famous chocolate in Ecuador and the world. The reason is that they use organic cacao and mix with other products like passion fruit, rose petals among others. This makes a unique experience in your mouth, also offered different products of cacao.


This product it’s made with Amazonian cacao. This brand offered two kinds of chocolate gourmet and artisanal. The magazine Forbes said that Kallari chocolate it’s the best bar in the world.

República del Cacao

This brand uses fine chocolate to make their bars. In the box you can see the cacao history and the flavor is so special because use exotic product to mix with chocolate. We can find flavors like banana chips, lemongrass

Hoja Verde

This chocolate shop as well as work with fine cacao. But this brand offered in their chocolate different percent of cacao. The most pure chocolate is bitter and depended on the percent is the flavor that has the chocolate.


This chocolate is very special because represent the work of the community that makes this chocolate and other product. This chocolate is sweet but keep the purity of the cacao, also is filling with different flavor like mint, chili pepper and the most famous is filling with “pájaro Azul” that is an original liquor of Bolivar.

Also exist more brands that make delicious chocolate, but we select 5 different types of chocolate that should try. We know that one time you eat you fall in love with our chocolate. If you want to know more information you can contact us.

By, Diana Carrera