islands-hopping-tours-tortuga Galapagos
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Amazing Ecuador & Galapagos Islands Hopping

9 Days/ 8 Nights DAY 1:  Transfer in. Quito M DAY 2: City tour Historic Center & Middle of the World M DAY 3: Transfer out. BALTRA Arrival at airport - SANTA CRUZ  Highlands  & Twin Craters DAY 4:  SANTA CRUZ: Charles...

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galapagos-cruises-galaxy Galapagos

Galaxy Yacht Galapagos

The M / Y Galaxy, first class, was our first vessel in Galapagos. Its decoration is based on the impressive fauna of the Islands. It is an excellent option to navigate exclusively and with personalized service. AMAZING EXPEDITION Discover the “Enchanted Islands”...

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galapagos-cruises-bonita Galapagos

Bonita Yacht Galapagos

Finally, we have our M / Y Bonita, which is a superior tourist category ship, with a first class service, whose operation is guaranteed from February 2020 THE REAL TOURIST SUPERIOR CLASS Our yacht has been sailing this chain of islands creating...

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galapagos-cruises-ecogalaxy Galapagos

Ecogalaxy Yacht Galapagos

The M / C Ecogalaxy is a first class catamaran, built to sail in the Galapagos, preserving its fragile ecosystem and with the least possible impact. EcoGalaxy Catamaran – First Class Cruise Sail the “Enchanted Islands” on board of the EcoGalaxy Galapagos Catamaran and...

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galapagos-cruises-golondrina Galapagos

Golondrina Yacht Galapagos

The golondrina is a spacious and c o m f o r t a b l e o w n e r - o p e r a t e d motor yacht that accommodates 16 passengers in cozy double and single...

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galapagos-cruises-fragata Galapagos

Fragata Yacht Galapagos

The fragata is a spacious and comfortable owner-operated motor yacht that accommodates 16 passengers in cozy double and single cabins, all decorated and equipped to provide guests a relaxing cruise in the galapagos islands. fragata welcomes you on board and invites you...

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